Youth Summer Bible Study Challenge

West End Youth Summer Bible Study Challenge

This Summer is a summer like no other for various reasons. Thanks to the COVID-19 global pandemic, we’ve been forced to stay inside our homes for months on end with lots of time on our hands.

This summer, join West End Youth as we take the opportunity to spend intentional time in God’s word through our Summer Bible Study challenge.

Step 1 - Watch the video “How to Study The Bible”

In the video, Pastor Steph teaches you how to use a very simple, three-step method to study and learn from any passage in scripture. He walks through each step and even gives a live example of how to study one verse using this method.

Step 2 - Take notes 

As you watch the video, jot down the process in a notepad, journal or your phone

*Download this Bible Study PDF template to help get you started

Step 3 - Choose a verse, passage or chapter and get started!

Do you have a favourite verse or a passage that you've always wanted to understand a bit more? By using the steps provided in the video and follow along with your notes, spend a little time working through a passage to grow a little deeper in your understanding.

Step 4 - Submit it by August 31st

Send us your completed Bible Study, we would love to learn what you've learned. We will choose one winner to receive a gift for their submission

submit via email to

How To Study The Bible


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