About Us

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Our Vision

"To win Souls and make disciples while striving to serve the Community."

Our Mission

  1. Making worship our highest priority

  2. Elevate Christ to His rightful place

  3. Establish this church as a place of prayer

  4. Develop strong committed leaders

  5. Assist everyone in possessing a Spirit of true servant-hood

What We Believe

The West-End Worship Centre is firm in its commitment to orthodox Christian belief. We affirm that there is one God eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe in the deity of Christ, His virgin birth, His sinless life, the physical miracles He performed, His atoning death upon the Cross, His bodily resurrection, His ascension to the right hand of the Father, and His personal return in power and glory at His second coming.

We profess that regeneration by the Holy Spirit is essential for the salvation of sinful mankind.

We believe the sinner is brought to an awareness of the need for salvation through the convicting work of the Holy Spirit. We believe that in sanctification by the blood of Christ, one is made holy. We affirm the present, active ministry of the Holy Spirit who guides the Church and by whose indwelling and empowerment we are able to live godly lives and render effective service to God and others.

We believe in the oneness and ultimate unity of believers for which our Lord prayed, and that this should be visibly displayed "that the world may know, see, and believe" God’s glory, the coming of His Son, and the great love He has for His people (John 17:20–23).
We are committed to the sanctity of the marriage bond and the importance of strong, loving Christian families.

The Church embraces all biblical doctrines as taught in the New Testament and have listed some that may be helpful to believers seeking to mature in Christ Jesus.

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West-End Church of God of Prophecy Worship Centre (W.E.W.C) began its journey at the YMCA -- 931 College St., Toronto, ON (at Dovercourt and College), under the leadership of Bishop Hubert L. Martin and his wife E. B. Martin. The church experienced rapid growth in the early 70s and the YMCA building was not able to house the influx, so the search began for a more suitable place to worship.

In 1973, a building located at 1780 St. Clair Avenue West called “The West-End Revival Centre”, became available. Through the vision of a good leader, faith, and courage, the decision was made to purchase this building and it was then re-named “The West-End Church of God of Prophecy.” The congregation continued to flourish under the pastoral leadership of Bishop Hubert L. Martin for approximately 22 years.

In 1991, Bishop S.A. Morrison and his wife Alma Morrison assumed the pastoral role and again, the facility soon became inadequate with limited space for extra activities. Bishop S.A. Morrison felt it was time to seek another building once more. Over the next several years Bishop led the church into an aggressive and passionate push towards financial stability in order to purchase a new building.

In late 1999, an industrial building in the Rexdale community went up for sale. Due to the successful push of Bishop Morrison and the members of The West-End Church of God of Prophecy, the church was in the right financial position to purchase the new property. 1780 St. Clair Avenue location was sold and by the fall of 2001, re-construction of the newly acquired building at 1344 Martin Grove Road was completed. The first service took place on December 9, 2001, and on January 20, 2002, the official building dedication was held.

The West-End Church of God of Prophecy was now at a new location with a new beginning. Change was in the atmosphere and the members felt the need for a new name as well. It was at this time that “The West-End Church of God of Prophecy” changed its name to “West-End Church of God of Prophecy Worship Centre” affectionately known as “West End Worship Centre” (W.E.W.C).

Worship being the core of our existence it was fitting to let the world know that W.E.W.C was and is a house reserved for the worship of our God. Also understanding that the God we worship is a God of love for all, W.E.W.C adopted the motto “Striving to Serve the Community.” To this day, true worship, as well as, love and service in the community remain pillars of strength for West-End Church of God of Prophecy Worship Centre.